Dimension-Ot interlude mid rates server.
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Pora bugu

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Pora bugu Empty Pora bugu

Post  Eimass Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:45 am

Sveiki. Noreciau pranesti apie tipinius serverio bugus. Butu gerai kad juos ishtaisytumet.

1. Kad nereiketu spaudineti q scroolu kai surenki po viena, kad eitu iskarto visus atidaryti.
2. Padidinkit jai galit bufu laika iki 2h.
3. Sutvarkykit kad champion mobai mestu daugiau q itemu, ne tiek pat kaip paprasti mobai.
4. Padarykit kad kai pakyla iki class lvl ishmestu lentele pasikeisti class. O ne reiktu eiti y miesta.
5. Padarykit komanda .shop Butu labai gerai, nes kai esi toli nuo miesto, gali nusipirkti shotu ir kitu reikalaingu dalyku.
6. Sumazinkit shotu kaina, yra per didele. Jai galit sumazinkit per puse visu materiju kainas parduotuveje. Nes yra per dideles. Dyes kainas dar sumazinkite iki 1 milijono.
7. Ishimkite l2joneo buferi, manau uztenka 1 buferio.

Dar rasiu papildysiu. Jai galit yvykdyke siuos dalykus, manau padesite visiems Wink

Hello. I want to report standard server bugs. It would be good for them will fix them.

1st To avoid to clicking q scroolu when assembled in one to pull it all open.
2nd Take up buf time to 2h.
3rd Fix champion monsters that throw a lot of q items, not just as simple as monsters.
4th Will do that when the class goes up to lvl will open table to change class. But watch out not to go y town.
5th Do team .Shop would be very good because when you are away from the city can buy a shot and another matter.
6th Low shot the price is too high. Low over half of the entire matter supermarket prices. Because there is too much. Dyes also reduce the prices of up to 1 million.
7th Take out l2joneo buffer is sufficient to consider a buffer.

Not found the supplement. If can do these things, I will serve all Wink


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Pora bugu Empty Re: Pora bugu

Post  Erikas Mon Sep 06, 2010 9:42 pm

dekui, kad pranesi savo nuomone kelios klaidos bus istaitaisyta.

thank, for reporting something might be added/fixed,

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